Welcome to Stylish You!

A few years ago I went from working in corporate to running my own styling business. I know what it feels like to turn up to a networking event or talk, dressed inappropriately, not feeling great about yourself. Seeing lots of well dressed successful looking women in a room is enough to knock your confidence.

I soon realised that working from home in a casual relaxed outfit affected my confidence and mindset, directly impacting how I felt about my business, not good! The world we live in now requires us to have a strong online brand, and is now the way that people first ‘meet’ us, through our images as well as video.

I help you to align your online and ‘in-person’ brand, ensuring it is authentically you! I’ll show you my tips and tricks on dressing in a powerful ‘Entrepreneur Style’ that will ensure you always make an impact, and you are remembered for the RIGHT reasons.

Dressing well is not about fashion, its about creating your own Signature Style that is timeless. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my passion for empowering you to dress with confidence to achieve the success you deserve.

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A few things about me:

+ I wear colour pretty much all the time

+ I’m a life coach and NLP practitioner

+ I like standing out (and I think you should too)

+ I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and lived in London too

+ I HONESTLY believe that anyone can look and feel great in their clothes, any body shape and any personality, you just need to know how

+ I believe everyone has a story to share, and something unique about them

+ I believe you are the hero of your story and I am here to help you on your journey

Join me here for a Style Journey you will LOVE!

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