My top 5 Stylish Non-Boring Work Bags

I hope that you had an amazing start to 2017! I’ve been away in Cape Town as you may have seen. It was a wonderful trip and I’ve landed back with a bang – jet lagged and tired but ready to start an epic year in my business!

 So to kick off the ‘back to the work’ vibe and get you ready for success, I’m bringing you my top 5 STYLISH, non-boring work bags.

 Lets be honest, a boring work bag isn’t going to get you anywhere. You want to be proud walking around with a gorgeous bag on your arm, no matter what. Here are my picks, and trust me they aren’t what you think.

Stylish Bag 1: The Tactician She Lion – $499

I chose this gorgeous dark grey handbag as my top favourite because of its colour and size. It will easily fit my laptop and has little spaces for all my bits and pieces – especially perfect if you need to make a great first impression. You will also love the names of each of the handbags, The Tactician, The Negotiator. Imagine arriving at an important meeting with one of these on your arm? Tell me you won’t kick some goals! I was lucky enough to meet creator Kate Dhillon last year, she’s a lawyer with a passion for creating these stylish yet functional handbags. We are all encouraged to #walkfearlessly. I would use this bag for my corporate presentations and business networking events. Kate has generously offered 10% off to all of you, just use the code ‘STYLISHYOU’ at checkout.


Stylish Bag 2: Alegra in Camel I love Handbags – $240 

This Camel Shoulder bag from ‘I love handbags’, is the perfect colour and size (it also comes in black) This site, run by Layal Mcrae is highly recommended as it sells so many different types of handbags, for every budget and every style personality. I chose this one as often my work can be quite informal, at a café, having a coffee meeting.  I also regularly wear denims and a blazer so I feel this would come in handy for those ‘non corporate, but still business’ meetings. I love that I will still be able to get my laptop in it and my extra bits & pieces too. Layal has offered this bag for you at $200, just use code ‘stylishyou’ at checkout.


Stylish Bag 3: Mist Grey Tote  The Daily Edited – $299.95

The Daily Edited bring you cusomtised heaven. I tend to love anything new and unique, and I’ve fallen in love with The Daily Edited. Seriously who doesn’t love a bit of that bespoke, luxurious vibe that comes from monogramming your initials on your bag? Choosing your own details makes a piece feel more special. I chose this bag for its clean lines and unfussy design. 


Stylish Bag 4: Too Hot to Handle Marc Jacobs – Approx $250

Marc Jacobs from e-bay. Marc Jacobs is probably my favourite designer handbag brand. Now I know January is all about sticking to the budget so I suggest a search on e-bay, you can find this fabulous hold-all bag for some great high street prices, either BNWT or pre-loved! This one is exactly like the one I’ve been using for a few years – yes TWO years now! Imagine the cost per wear on this item! I have worn it so much as the colour is mushroom and it goes with everything. As you know I have an aversion to black. If you love black though it does come in that colour!


Stylish Bag 5: Zara Tote in Nude – $49

Zara Tote – Some of you may be surprised that Zara has made the top 5 but seriously this brand continues to deliver. You do need to go into store to buy this as they don’t have an online site for Australia. I spotted this gorgeous tote when I was there a few days ago, at only $49, I think its a pretty good bargain for a great nude coloured bag, Its not leather but it’s a great quality PU. It will suit someone on a budget who wants to make a great first impression. I am never too proud to wear these high street brands, if I love it, I will wear it! 


Hope you’ve enjoyed my top 5, I’d love to hear from you if this has been helpful or if you have another brand you would love to introduce me to.