KM photoKaren McLeish

Moving from my 40’s to 50’s I wondered why I was constantly feeling my wardrobe needed an overhaul. I have had a life time love with clothes, shoes and handbags.   This of course meant my wardrobe was brimming over – and on occasions I still felt like I had nothing to wear. And of late my confidence was down and I was pulling out the old same things.

A chance social meeting brought Lynne and I together, I felt instantly drawn to her warm, caring personality and decided to find out more about what she did. A phone chat and I was hooked. We diarised the first – somewhat scary and exciting sounding session. I knew what I was up for – an embarrassing time when we got to cleaning out my wardrobe – I had things in there I knew needed to go, and I had to show them to her.

The first session was like sitting down with an old friend and deciding on a description of a personal style, then doing my colours. It was easy and fun and top of all I felt we uncovered the true me. I started the wardrobe cleansing with some trepidation but I soon became committed and continued the next day on my own which meant eventually well over half my wardrobe was donated to a mixture of the Smith Family and a corporate organization who helps women to get back into the workforce.   Lynne gave me ideas as we worked too which meant I could immediately wear different combinations that already existed in my wardrobe.

Our shopping date couldn’t come fast enough, it was a lot of fun and Lynne has great skills at focusing you and ensuring a plan is agreed to before you set out. We achieved a lot and in one shopping trip my summer wardrobe had a new look. Being 52 I still wanted to keep my own personal style but needed to ensure I wasn’t trying to be 30!

Thank you Lynne, we achieved everything we discussed and my shopping is so much more effective now as I know I am adding to my wardrobe that works with itself. Summer has been fun and I still have not warn all possible combinations I now have. No matter what your confidence or style Lynne will add new skills to ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe.

 veeraVeera Silvasti

The best gift that you can receive from your boyfriend – an afternoon with a professional shopper! I had no idea what to expect but Lynne surprised me positively by being extremely organised, knowing from the beginning what I should be trying on and selecting the most gorgeous pieces that had a lot of ‘wow’. I don’t think I’ve ever received as many positive comments about my style from people around me than the last few weeks when I’ve been walking around with my new outfits and lipstick. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Lynne and would highly recommend her to anyone.

CathyCathy Buykx

I met Lynne at a corporate event where we all had our colours done. My boss had previously used her and she proved to be a wealth of information about all things style, colour and what style resonates most with a person. Having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, I booked Lynne for a wardrobe audit and then a shopping trip. What a wonderful experience! We went through all of it. I got rid of so much and, while my wardrobe now seems empty, it is full of possibility! Everything goes with everything else. She taught me to put things together that I never would have considered, was so warm and positive about the things that really work for me and, oh how we laughed about the disasters…

After clearing out three huge bags of stuff, it was time for a shopping trip. I felt like a star! Lynne had researched the shops, had things picked out for me, reserved the best change rooms and I loved every second. A few key pieces and a hot new lipstick later, I felt like a new woman. I now feel confident I’ll look good in everything in my wardrobe, choosing what to wear every day is no longer an overwhelming chore and I feel truly liberated from clearing out so much that wasn’t right for me.

My friend did the same thing and we had such fun having a clothes swap!

Thanks Lynne – I couldn’t be happier.

LielaLiela Ohanian

Dear Lynne thank you so much for such an amazing experience. Having spent the time with you, I now have a better appreciation and understanding of the colours to go for, as well as some great styling tips. Had a great experience during the shopping trip and thanks to you I now have a wardrobe of clothes that I can easily put together with new accessories.

PippaPippa Horton

After a couple of years of wardrobe neglect, I decided to do an overhaul and update of my clothes. I engaged Lynne after a positive recommendation from a friend and I’m so glad I did – totally worth the investment! Before Lynne, my wardrobe was full of mismatched items, colours that didn’t quite work together, and nothing that I was excited about wearing. Now I open the cupboard each morning and I’m spoilt for options of what to wear even though there’s actually less clothes – all the tops and skirts work together, and I just love all the things we bought on the shopping trip. I’ve gained so much confidence in how I look and the styles and colours that suit me. I think the investment will continue to pay off when I shop in the future – armed with my style and colour guides, I’ll be able to continue to choose the rights items so that I won’t end up with a wardrobe full of things I don’t like to wear ever again!

DjepsenDavid Jepsen

Sensational Lynne Stockdale it was a very efficient and productive afternoon of shopping – I was exhausted in the end, it is not a regular hobby of mine. The shopping was professional, directed and still very personal. I think it would appeal to many men who like to get in and out of the shops quickly and get all their shopping done for the next 6 months in one afternoon. Thank you very much #stylishyou!



AliceAlice Crawley

Lynne was referred to me by a business associate and friend as I wanted to get a style consultation for my new business so that I looked my best for my online TV series, photo shoots and live events.

Lynne was an absolute delight to work with from the first moment of contact. She is so warm, personable and generous in her work. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and it really comes across in her approach to the whole process. We did my colours, culled my wardrobe and did some strategic shopping and I had so much fun throughout. Thanks to Lynne, I now have a really good understanding now of what works for me now as a style and I can adapt this to my personal and working life. Lynne has been a complete joy to deal with and I am so excited to consult with her again in the future. I have referred other friends who have given the same feedback and they also loved every step of the process – she is amazing!

I recommend Lynne to anyone whose even thinking that they might want to refine their look, clean up their wardrobe or spruce up their look whether that be in the personal or professional space. I had a pretty good understanding of what worked for me and what I liked and Lynne worked with that with flexibility and insight was so that we could build on my preferences but refine my selections. Now I can shop for things with confidence and it saves me so much time and money because I know exactly what to chose!

Thank you, Lynne!

Alice Crawley – Helping You Live a Wonderfully Wealthy Life

 FullSizeRenderLouise Robinson

When I approached Lynne to use her brilliant styling services, I was tired of shopping and buying the wrong things, unclear on what suited me and unsure how to clean up my wardrobe. Lynne helped clarify my colours and style, got me excited about decluttering and about building a fresh look. I’ve had many, many compliments on my presentation since and I find shopping much easier and more fun. I highly recommend Lynne’s services, particularly for women looking to reinvent a tired corporate wardrobe. 

IMG_6671Leanne Allen

For years I have HATED my wardrobe. It was full, and I had nothing to wear! Everything was so old and dull, and yet I felt I couldn’t throw anything out. It drove me crazy! So when Lynne was referred to me by a friend I jumped at it. And I am SO glad I did! I discovered I have been wearing all the wrong colours, and that’s why, despite people telling me I dressed well I felt terrible, and I had way too many things in there that were actually old and out of style! Also it just dawned on me that when I shop I never look at how the outfit compliments my face, I just look at my body! After happily throwing out more than half my wardrobe a shopping trip was definitely required. Now I know what actually suits me, I am starting to value quality over quantity. Lynne was very helpful both at home and at the shops, and I would love to meet with her every few months just to shop!
Oh and the Pintrest board is fabulous! Thank you so much, When I walk into my wardrobe I feel happy now, I feel far more confident about my clothes, shopping and my new image! 

JulieJulie Smith

My whole experience with Lynne has been fabulous. Understanding my colour palette has been great it has given me clarity about what will work best on me! The shopping trip put the colours to the test, it was excellent to try things on that I wouldn’t have tried on myself. This experience has given me renewed confidence in putting outfits together, including accessories. Thanks Lynne, definitely recommended

IMG_6695Lucy Atai

I loved my Image consultation experience with Lynne… I found Lynne to be professional and very well organised. Her beautiful warm energy and friendly sensitive approach made me feel at ease straight away and it felt like we have been friends for years. My Image journey began with Lynne and I going through my wardrobe and throwing out the clothes that did not suit my style or colour pallet which was about 80% of my wardrobe. We kept outfits that I could still work with and discarded what did not suit me! It was actually a liberating cleansing experience and it really felt great to create space to allow for the new to come through. Lynne is sensitive and honest and helps you decide what should stay and what should go. The shopping experience was the best! I normally find shopping stressful and personally I rarely go shopping because of this. But Lynne made it easy.. we saved so much time as she did a pre-shop and we went straight to the stores to try the clothes she picked out for me. The outfits and accessories are all mix and match and well suited to my body shape and colour pallet. I cannot wait to wear my new clothes and shoes! I am buzzing from this positive experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to all my friends and family as well as anyone else who is looking for a positive friendly make over! In my opinion it is money well spent!!

marie Marie Mooney

I feel like I’ve made a great investment in myself and feel more confident in what I’m wearing as I now have a much better idea of what colours, shapes and styles work best for me. Lynne made the whole experience very comfortable and encouraged me to try something new – which was both eye opening and a lot of fun to discover new styles and combinations. I have recommended Lynne to friends for her knowledge, warmth and her ability to turn a potentially daunting experience into a great pleasure!    

IMG_6650Alison Walker

Lynne’s colour styling session was fantastic – I looked at my wardrobe with fresh eyes and got rid of clothes which I’d not worn for such a long time but didn’t really know why. I was happy with my work wardrobe but needed more options for casual ‘going for drinks’ clothes. In the shopping session, Lynne’s positive manner and friendly advice helped me make some great choices that I felt comfortable with. She encouraged me to try new styles of clothes and combinations which I otherwise would not have looked at. Thank you Lynne for such a positive fun experience!

photoSam Richardson

An afternoon spent with the beautiful Lynne was such a productive and enlightening experience. I just loved it! A full wardrobe clean out was my original necessity in asking for help. I was a shocking hoarder of clothes, but through Lynne’s stylish eye and kind advice, we removed all items that didn’t actually fit right, enhance my features and those that were not within my colour palette. Wow! My wardrobe was halved! Learning about the right colours and also the specific colour tones individual to my skin/hair colouring was quite the eye opener, but then to be provided with a colour profile to keep in my handbag for when I go shopping, was a terrific bonus. Lynne’s encouragement to try new styles and colour, plus actually showing you how to highlight your best features is motivating not only on a fashion level, but it also makes you feel great. I highly recommend such a brilliant personalised experience! Thank you Lynne!

photoLeanne Warner

I am at that age when you want to be careful not to start the slippery slide into’ comfortable’ clothes and shoes. I still want to look good but wear things that are age appropriate and fashionable. Lynne helped me to see some new possibilities and what colours really work for me. Following my successful shop today I was able to go home and fill up a big bag of clothes for Vinnies, feeling confident that I will not miss them. We had a lot of fun. Thank You.

IMG_6646Adele Meston

Lynne thank you so much for doing my wardrobe audit, colours and for taking me shopping – what can I say!! I have learnt so much… my last shopping experience by my self with my newly learnt skills was fast, furious, fun and thrifty!!! Knowledge is power – certainly when it comes to knowing what works for you! Working with you as my life coach and fashionista is truly life changing. Thank YOU!!

IMG_6573Jane Rabie

An evening spent with Lynne as a stylist was fun, productive and full of great practical tips. It was a real treat to have Lynne’s knowledge and experience to help me to know my style and how to look my best. I loved playing around with my colors and Lynne was so patient and genuinely keen to make sure I could see how the different shades looked against my skin. Knowing my colors has changed how I now shop and was a wonderful excuse to have a good clean-out of my wardrobe, which Lynne and I did together. I had a few of those light bulb moments when I realised why I never loved or felt my best in a few outfits and it was because the colours weren’t my best fit! Lynne is easy going and personable and I never felt any pressure to make changes I wasn’t ready for. Her passion and energy for fashion and styling is contagious and makes the experience such a laugh! Would definitely recommend a styling session to others.

IMG_6500Maria Ellis

I really have to thank Lynne at Stylish You for making me step out of my comfort zone & try this funky jumpsuit & new colours I would never usually try! I had such a great day and got some amazing new pieces for my wardrobe!            

IMG_7700Jane Earle Photography

As a professional Portrait Photographer, my number one goal is to create incredible photos of my clients. I am capturing them for all time so I need to ensure they look their very best. I have worked with Lynne Stockdale on a number of shoots – both Business and Beauty/Fashion photography. I loved her attention to detail and how she just turns up for the shoot with the perfect clothes for my client. It look the worry away for me – I could concentrate on posing, lighting and connection with my client and Lynne was there to mix and match outfits and make the adjustments throughout the shoot that I would normally miss. I can 100% recommend Lynne as a Personal Stylist/Shopper and as a Styling Assistant.

IMG_6504Sarah Hamshere

For anyone looking for a wardrobe revamp, a style update, colour consult or just some new clothes to help you look & feel fabulous – I can highly recommend Lynne Stockdale from Stylishyou. With Lynne’s expert knowledge and expertise I picked up some great new wardrobe items and Lynne helped me choose some fabulous pieces I would have otherwise not looked at. Thanks Lynne!”        

10262265_648222371922450_376355846703273492_nSarah Southwell

Ever since having my colour consultation, wardrobe audit and shopping trip with Lynne, life has never been easier. Firstly, my shopping trips are a lot less stressful as I can head straight for the colour and styles that suit me instead of having to waste time on things that won’t work! I carry my colour palatte everywhere with me in case I do some impromptu shopping. Secondly, using Lynne’s great tip of buying ‘outfits’ instead of individual items means that I now have a wardrobe which matches and goes together without too much thinking. This also really helps with packing to go on holiday as I have just discovered. Finally, and probably most importantly for my vanity, I now get many more comments about how I look since I am wearing the right colours and styles which is a fabulous result. The whole experience has been a genuine lifestyle investment.  

IMG_6652John Hill

A BIG thank you to my stylist Lynne Stockdale of Stylish You – love this colour on me!

IMG_6508Jo Peisley

With the end of the year just around the corner I have been reflecting on what I have achieved. I started working with Lynne Stockdale Coaching in March this year, and with Lynne’s bright positive spirit, down to earth approach and a knack for asking just the right questions I am pleased to say I have achieved my 2013 financial goal ahead schedule. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing Lynne’s StylishYou package…wardrobe cleanout, colours and shopping trip! What a blast, should have done it years ago!

Thank you Lynne for injecting some energy, objectivity and focus into my life. I recommend Lynne to anyone wanting to gain some clarity with their personal vision and direction. I’m already excited about 2014 .

IMG_6670Kristy Tsitrin

I had the full experience with Lynne – Styling sessions, Wardrobe Audit and shopping trip. It was a very empowering! I thought I was always ok with picking clothes and colours but I didn’t have any real system to it. Lynne taught me what my personal style was and how to work with this, making shopping a breeze. I have now stopped buy things that end up sitting in the wardrobe unworn. I feel that I have more to choose from in my wardrobe and I don’t have those days ‘I have nothing to wear’ anymore. I would recommend this as a great gift or something both men and women should do at different stages of their life to ensure they look great.

Chantell Keating

I cannot thank you enough for organising and de-cluttering my wardrobe. I’m so excited to head out with my shopping list to buy clothes that I need, in the right style for me and in the right colour. This really is life changing stuff. Thank you!’